I do enjoy indulging myself in the music world which, in our town, is quite a cut-throat world of who is the best, who plays the guitar the best, who sings the best, who makes the most money. Amazingly, one question that never seems to come up is, who enjoysContinue Reading

Of all the subjects I like talking about this has got to be one of my favourites, music and song. And why not? music can be a truly spiritual experience and song lyrics and music can touch our hearts in so many ways. But before I get in to theContinue Reading

I would like to use this month’s reflection as a kind of inspirational chat to you all. Being an old soldier, I find it hard to drop certain habits and my learned disciplines. One of these I have tried to live my life by, quite simply put, ‘Do the maximumContinue Reading

Isn’t it funny how life gets in the way at times, believe me, you are reading this from somebody who is constantly getting sucked up in the great vacuum of life. These days, I have so many responsibilities, (of my own making, I must add) My days are a constantContinue Reading