Just A Thought – Choices and Blame

Let’s start with Choices. I have to confess to being a bit of a movie buff. I have all of the movie sites on my PC, Netflix, Now TV, Sky Movies, you name it, I’ve got it. I have an extensive collection of DVD’s including many comedy box collections, war movies, action movies, musicals (Can’t believe I’ve just confessed to that one) plus lots of old classics.

Yet, when it comes to watching a movie with my partner, it takes me an eternity to find something we both like. I think back some years ago when my dad bought his first VCR.
He had just two or three films and five TV stations to watch but all of us would sit around the old box and have a good movie night.
The trouble these days is, we have far too much choice. We please ourselves and make that decision on what we watch just by the way we feel and what we fancy. We have that choice. The choice we make may not be a good one but these days to rectify the mistake, we just pick up the remote, press a button and the
job is done.
Not so easy in life. Choices we make in life will have good and bad consequences, but we have to stand by the decisions we make and learn the lessons whether good or bad. This is because we are given the free will to make choices. Bear this fact in mind for later in the reflection.
Now to blame. Have you ever blamed anyone for something that has happened only to find you were wrong? I have, on many occasion.
But there is one form of blame that makes me very uncomfortable, unfortunately, I hear it over and over again. When someone loses a loved one or there is a violent attack or war, I hear ‘There can’t be a God if he lets this happen’ or words to that effect. It is very easy to blame someone when we can’t explain what has happened. Our thoughts can get very confused and we tend to strike out at any avenue that is open.
Unfortunately, God takes his fair share of the blame. I have realised that God has to allow nature to take its course even when events lead to major tragedies. He cannot upset the natural balance of the world by intervening. He has to let us, as individuals, make choices and stand by the consequences. That way we learn and improve ourselves. Even wars, started by men making choices. Not God. He cannot save us from worldly events, illnesses, violence and conflicts. It would be wrong for him to do that.
But despite all of this it doesn’t mean that he has walked away. He is still there for us to talk to, to lean on and to look after those that leave us. At times of pain, God is our comfort, not
our blame object.
Just something worth thinking about.

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