Just A Thought – Competition

I do enjoy indulging myself in the music world which, in our town, is quite a cut-throat world of who is the best, who plays the guitar the best, who sings the best, who makes the most money. Amazingly, one question that never seems to come up is, who enjoys what they do the most just because they love doing it?

I play music and sing which isn’t everybody’s cup of tea but I love doing it. Not because I get paid lots of money (I don’t but that’s not the point) not because I’m better than everybody else or not because I’m trying to make it big. Simply because I really love making people happy with what I do and having fun with my friends. No competition, no stress, no worries, just fun.

The world today seems to be obsessed with competition. Being the best, better than everybody else. I find this to be quite an aggressive trait which seems to be all over, including in world conflicts. People determined to tell others that what they know and do is better.
Just to give you something to think about, and remember I only use quotes from the bible to keep myself pointed in the right direction, I found this in James 4:1. ‘What causes quarrels and what causes fights among you? Is it not this, that your passions are at war within you?’ Is this not exactly what we have been talking about? When the competitive spirit gets into us we can lose sight of what is really important.

Another passage that really sticks in my mind is found at Psalm 118:22 ‘The stone that the builders rejected has become the cornerstone.’ In fact this is found in many passages throughout the bible including in the Gospels. In fact, in my eyes, if it is repeated so much that it is a lesson God really wants us to take on board. If you win the race, you do not learn humility. But he who is at the bottom can only climb to reach the stars.

So, anyway back to playing music. No I’m not the best guitarist, in fact far from it. I am not the best singer by a long way but being who I am is just where I want to be. Enjoying what I do and enjoying making others happy.I hope whatever you do makes you happy in life. Never lose sight of why you enjoy it and never enjoy what you do for the wrong reasons.

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