Just A Thought: Sing Your Song

Of all the subjects I like talking about this has got to be one of my favourites, music and song. And why not? music can be a truly spiritual experience and song lyrics and music can touch our hearts in so many ways.
But before I get in to the meat of the reflection let me tell you why I chose this subject today. Music has been around since the early days of the Bible. If we look back to the roots of music as we know it today we don’t need to go back that far, just as far back as the 1400’s according to my music tutor. This was the time that music left the ‘perfect intervals’ and the ‘chants’ of the church and became a source of entertainment. Without boring the socks off you, music developed over 600 years to what we know today. It is indeed rich in genre’s and we are so spoilt for choice in our music tastes.
It has become a very powerful way of expression, in fact it says things we find hard to talk about with any other medium. It talks of love, heartbreak, joy, sadness, life, death, strength, weakness in ways no other form will do. When we can express
ourselves so well through song it is no wonder that churches use song to praise God.
I’ve never been the best at expressing myself except through music and writing so I thought maybe this would be a good reflection to see if anybody else shares these thoughts. Just
take a few moments to think about your favourite music and think about what it does for you. Does it take you to days gone by? Does it relax you? Does it inspire you? So many emotions and feelings can be reached.
For me, I like to peruse around two chapters of the Bible for inspiration when I write songs. Not necessarily to write about faith but just for a little inspiration. These two chapters are
Psalms and Song of Songs. Both very beautifully written. (By the way lads, if you want to say something really romantic to your better half just check out Song of Songs 2:2, you won’t go far wrong).
Some argue that music is not good, not so in my eyes. Some say it corrupts our youth, I say it educates. Some say it is the work of the devil yet two chapters are dedicated to song in the Bible. So I will finish by saying “Sing it loud, sing it strong, let the World hear your song”.

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