Maintenance is Essential

I have to confess to being a lousy car owner. I’m one of those people that tend to fix things when they go wrong rather than keeping an eye on issues that may be starting to develop. The result is almost always a broken down car. You’d think I would learn from that, wouldn’t you. But like all us humans, I have this annoing ability to put things aside when the daily life gets in the way and, in my defence, I am a pretty busy person. I prioritise and I forget, quite a lethal combination for my poor old suffering car.

We bought a second hand Citreon some time ago which was a lovely motor. It was very kind to us, very cheap to run, comfortable and surprisingly nippy. Just what we needed. A small knock started to develop, at first it wasn’t too bad and we eventually got used to it as time passed. If fact, we got so used to it we didn’t notice it getting worse until the time of it’s annual MOT test. It failed abismally with various suspension faults and, unfortunately the cost of repairs was more than the car was worth so we had to say goodbye to it and send it to the scrapyard.

Our Faith can be very much like my poor old motor, when life is being good to us we can be guilty of not paying enough attention to what is important. Faults within ourselves can develop and we can ignore and even normalise them leading to worse faults. So why not give your own Faith a little TLC. Ask God for a little guidance to get everything back as it should be. Here is a good passage to help with your daily Faith maintenance: Romans 10:17 – So faith comes from hearing, and hearing through the word of Christ.

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