On The Cover – Joy Chapman

Joy Chapman is the newest Guinness World Record Holder for Female Lowest Note. A singer/songwriter from Surrey, BC. Canada. Joy showed an aptitude for singing/songwriting growing up having a Mother who was a music school teacher. Her musical talent has gotten her opportunities like touring with Legends International 2014-2020, her own Diva Tribute show, mainstage PNE, and invited personally to the 2017 Rock Godz Hall Of Fame Awards to walk the red carpet with Phil Chen where she was invited to sing on stage with Lita Ford and others.

She has just released 14 singles from her soon to be released 15 song album “Footprint In My Songs”. Her style utilizes a meshing of many genres creating a Country-Fusion, which she calls Retro-Modern Country. This mixes sensibilities of old and new, breaking out of the formulaic sound that makes it hard to distinguish any ones sound from each other on radio today . A mix of Dolly and Shania would be closest, especially with Joy’s Far-Side type humor and Chicken-Soup-For The Soul inspirational side, giving a undulating ride of emotions and tempos.

Her wide vocal range and impressive variations of tones in her voice, make listening to her easy and not tiring to the ear. Joy hopes that she will bring “Joy” to everyone listening or watching her antics on videos. As we like to say “add Joy to your life, cause a life without Joy, just isn’t worth living”.

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