On The Cover – Trenton Chandler

One of the exttraordinary things about Trenton is how he turned to social media to connect and continue leaning into the faith and confidence that music would continue supporting him full time, and continue supporting him during the pandemic. January 8th 2022 he celebrated his third anniversary of doing live sponsored Facebook shows and on that date boasted 1011 live Facebook shows in just 1095 days!!

His consistency of showing up in LIVEstreams helped him to build a loyal and dedicated following of over 16.5k who sponsor his lives in exchange for an eclectic mix of Country Western Classics, Southern and Rock song requests. He’s often referred to as ‘The Human Jukebox’.

Additionally, music requests are available during any LIVEstream event by everyone online throughout world. He entertains both live and virtual crowds simultaneously from stage, from his Key West venues, his boat and singing from home.

Monetizing his Facebook page in this way has afforded him the blessed opportunity to continue creating and recording new music full time which in my opinion exemplifying what being an independent artist is all about- connecting to your fans in new innovative ways.

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