On The Cover: Vanessa Bourne

Hi Vanessa, thank you so much for agreeing to a short interview with us here at Country Music Express Magazine. Tell me where abouts are you located at the moment?

I am originally from the south of India but I have been an Australian for over 30yrs. I live on a little island in Melbourne, Australia called Phillip Island.

Can you tell me what first made you gravitate towards Country Music? Who were your idols, and who did you listen to when you grew up?
I grew up listing to Country music from a very young age. Every morning I would wake up to either Patsy cline, Charlie Pride or Merle Haggard singing. I didn’t know there were other genre’s of Country until the age of fourteen.

Music at home was only country music, traditional country at that. And to date, my idols are ‘The great Patsy cline, Loretta Lynn, Charlie Pride, MerleHaggard and not forgetting George Jones, Jim Reeves and many more..

Were there any challenges you had to overcome to reach your goals?

I guess with every success story there are always testimonies of challenges faced and overcome; and I have faced many with my music career but my biggest challenge of all was to believe that I could sing.

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