Outlaw Billy Don Burns

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (April 1, 2021) — “No Shortage Of The Blues” recorded by Billy Don Burns, has been delivered to Country radio by CDX Digital Delivery. This is the second single off the Outlaw Billy Don Burns, The Country Blues album released by Country Rewind Records. The new recording was penned by Billy Don Burns and Mack Vickery, Executive Producers on the project were Charlie Ammerman and Thomas Gramuglia and the song was Co-Produced by Billy Don Burns, Jeff Williams and Mike Randolph at “The Den” Nashville Music Group studio with recording and mastering by Aaron Dethrage. “No Shortage Of The Blues” is available for streaming and download on all digital music platforms including Apple Music, iTunes, Spotify, Amazon Music, Pandora and more here.
“Me and my old friend Mack Vickery, R.I.P., were talking about the scars around my throat and chest caused from multiple stab wounds after I came off the stage one night in a honky-tonk. Mack said, “Let’s write a song about the life we have lived in honky tonks”. “No Shortage of the Blues” is what we came up with,” shared Billy Don Burns. “About a year before Mack died, they sent a limo from Alabama to Nashville to bring Mack down to induct him into the Alabama Music Hall of Fame. Mack asked me to go with him. Sam Phillips came down from Memphis to induct Mack into the prestigious association. When Mack introduced me to Sam Phillips, I said, “Mr. Phillips, it’s a real honor to meet you Sir.” The music icon, who signed the greatest roster of talent in the business, said to me, “Son, just call me Sam. Hell, Mack and I were both born poor white trash right down the road from here.” Mack’s star is between Lionel Richie and Percy Sledge.”

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