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Growing up, weekend band practice and my working for my Italian fathers’ autocar business didn’t sit well alongside each other.

The expectation for me was that I and my brothers
helped my Dad and supported the family when I wasn’t at school. I wasn’t interested in cars, I was only interested in music and often had to fight to get out of the house, carrying my guitar and amp several miles on foot just to make it to rehearsal on a Saturday morning.

I was heavily into classic rock music – Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd, AC/DC and it stands to reason that these would inevitably be the kind of bands and sounds that I would try to emulate.

After several years of tussling with my family over my passion versus my obligations and as a relationship with my first teenage love broke down, I packed up my bags and moved to Amsterdam where I roughed it for a couple of months before landing a job hosting an acoustic night at a local red-light district bar, The Doors Café. It wasn’t easy, sometimes I didn’t know where I would stay or where my next meal would come from but I persevered.  Over the next two years I honed my skills and built up the venues reputation as a Mecca fortravelling musicians.

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