Remember The Important Stuff

Isn’t it funny how life gets in the way at times, believe me, you are reading this from somebody who is constantly getting sucked up in
the great vacuum of life. These days, I have so many responsibilities, (of my own making, I must add) My days are a constant drone of magazines, PC’s, websites, I forget what is important.

Just recently, after months of working at full tilt, achieving loads and managing it all in my stride I suddenly started to get stressed out,
started realising I couldn’t cope and began to doubt my ability. This feeling started to spread everywhere, even into the tranquillity of my
partner and myself. What was happening?

The answer has been there for me to see all along but being typically human, I ignored all of the warning signs because I was too busy.  Everything became important except for the important things. My three F’s got neglected, Food, Faith and Fun. Because of this I actually forgot what I was doing everything for.

Last year, I was quite conscious of my diet, I ate well, cooked lots of good meals and felt physically great. As far as the fun is concerned, I would spend time writing songs, playing guitar and taking a little time to chill out with my other half. But I think most seriously, I have recently neglected my one-to-ones with God.

I have never really been a church goer but I do take a lot of pleasure in going to a Cathedral and just spending a little time chatting to God.  I tell him what’s bothering me, I ask him to watch over those I love and I ask him to guide me through whatever I am doing. When I leave the Cathedral I do feel better about myself, it’s as if I’ve unloaded all to my best friend, which, to be honest, I have.  All of the time I was busy, I forgot to take all of this rubbish that I had accumulated to my mate. The result was it piled up and started to weigh me down. So I have made a promise to myself, no matter whether it is at the Cathedral or not, I will take a few moments each day to have a chinwag with God.  At least while I am enduring this busy period.

I should go to church and pray. Yes, my human side is still there and I still neglect what is really important. But, in a way, the work we do, I still class as God’s work and to me that is so important. Everything we do here is to help
others. I, or should I say we, expect or want no reward only the knowledge that we helped. But to do this I do need the strength and backing from God, without that life gets very tough.

I don’t expect for you all to do as I do in these circumstances but I think it is pretty good sound advice to share your problems, niggles and stresses with a friend. Personally, I cannot think of a better friend than God but that’s me.
But if you do find yourself in a place where you have a little too much on your plate and have no one to turn to why not give our friend a go. He’ll never turn you away, He’ll always let you talk your heart out and always provide a solution even if it doesn’t become immediately apparent.

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